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Tips for weight loss

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It is commonly thought of a diet as a severe restriction of calories to lose weight fast for some special occasion. Diet, in fact, is a form of eating and a change of habits to have a healthier lifestyle and it should be for life.

The failure of diets to lose weight is that it is not easy to change habits acquired over the years. However, it is the only way to lose weight by avoiding the “yo-yo” effect as with fast diets.

Ask for professional support to help you re-educate your eating habits and facilitate your goal, meanwhile, we have for you these basic recommendations for weight loss.


– Balance diet. The first step to weight loss is to decrease the amount of calories with a balanced diet that includes protein, whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Eat everything in the right amount and as varied as possible.

– Breakfast is the most important meal. A complete and balanced breakfast before leaving the house activates the metabolism, provides energy, improves the mood and reduces anxiety helping you eat less throughout the day. If your excuse is the lack of time, Herbalife’s meals substitutes such as the shake or Formula 1 bars are a quick option that offers you all the nutrients of a balanced meal.

– Avoid spending more than three hours without eating. Distribute daily calories and nutrients in 5 to 6 small meals during the day; make sure they include protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. This helps increase your metabolism and allow you to burn fat faster.

Organize your meals. If you plan your meals in advance you will avoid having to eat high calorie foods in an unforeseen way.

– Proteins. They are important in weight loss diets, they cause satiety at meal times, avoid loss of muscle mass and help burn more fat. An intake of 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day is recommended. Recommended sources are: chicken breast, egg whites, fish and lean beef and protein supplements like Herbalife’s protein shake.

Carbohydrates. They give you the energy to perform your daily activities like work, exercise and even think, so they can not be eliminated from your diet. 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of weight are recommended for weight loss. The most suitable for you are those of medium glycemic index such as breads, pasta and brown rice and potatoes.

– Fats. Good fats found in olive oil, avocado, nuts and blue fish will help lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol levels in blood, do not hesitate to include them in your diet.

– Fruits and vegetables. These are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories. Include them in each of your meals to generate satiety, avoid anxiety and also improve intestinal transit.

– Drink water. It is necessary to get used to drinking lots of natural water. Therefore, always carry a bottle and throughout the day drink small sips, about two liters total per day. Drinking water half an hour before each meal reduces the amount of calories you eat the rest of the day and helps you lose up to 44% more weight.

– Avoid junk food and sweets. A single junk food can exceed your daily calorie requirement and sabotage your goal of losing weight. They are rich in fat and sodium, which favors the synthesis and storage of fat, as well as the retention of liquids.

– Eliminate everything you can not eat. One of the problems among dieting is temptation. If in your cupboard are many “forbidden” foods, substitute them for those healthy ones. Low-calorie snacks for example, fruits, nuts, bars or protein shakes, instead of chips, refined flour and chocolates.

– Reinvent the dishes in a healthy way. The pasta with industrial sauces surprisingly multiplies the energy supply. However, if you want to consume, for example a pizza, it can be made at home by replacing the typical base with an integral, adding less caloric foods like onion, light turkey, among others and adding low-fat mozzarella.

Do some exercise. You do not need to be a fitness expert, you can start by doing some physical activity like walking, swimming or cycling; at least 4 times a week a minimum of 30 minutes per session, and progress according to your adaptation.

– Early and light dinner. The excess calories consumed at night are stored as fat, as the body does not need so many at night. Have a light dinner that includes protein and vegetables.

– Sleep well. Sleeping little and bad causes fatigue and increases hunger and cravings. On the other hand, a high level of stress and sleep deprivation can alter the hormones ghrelin, leptin and cortisol, which translates into an increased risk of obesity. Sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours a day and control your stress by doing your favorite hobby or doing something you like.


We hope these recommendations will be useful in the beginning of a new healthy life. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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