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Read below for more information on the levels and Marketing Herbalife plan.

The positions in Herbalife are:

  • Team Herbalife Presidents
  • Team Herbalife Millionaires
  • Global Expansion Team (G.E.T.)
  • World team
  • Supervisor
  • Herbalife Qualified Producer
  • Herbalife Success Builder
  • Herbalife Senior Builder 500
  • Herbalife distributor



Who is part of the Herbalife President’s Team are supervisors have an average of 120 to 200 people in the first three levels of its Herbalife distribution network .

For example, one advantage is that a member of Herbalife President’s team has the right to receive royalties from the company, and receive a percentage of 6% bonus.

In addition, a member of the President’s Team also receives special training, travel to other countries, is paid on holidays, and has a special bonus of 1% which is payable annually in a global event that brings together all members of the team Herbalife Presidents.

If you want to upgrade for the President’s Team: Accumulate 10,000 points each month for three consecutive months. After a waiting period of three months, you will earn up to 6% production bonus.

President 20K Herbalife: Accumulate 20,000 points Royalties each month for three consecutive months. You will earn up to 6.5% Production Bonus, after a waiting period of three months.

President 30K Herbalife: Accumulate 30,000 points Royalties each month for three consecutive months. You will earn up to 6.75% Production Bonus, after a waiting period of three months.

President 50K Herbalife: Accumulate 50,000 points Royalties each month for three consecutive months. You will earn up to 7% Production Bonus, after a waiting period of three months.

By becoming a Herbalife President you will receive:

  • A Plate and Team prestigious President pin.
  • All The benefits of Wholesale.
  • Among other bonuses
The pyramid Marketing plan of Herbalife is one of the highest titles that you can receive in the Millionaires Team. To become a member of the Millionaires team, you need to accumulate 80,000 VP each month for three consecutive months. The first day of the month, you will be promoted as a member of the Millionaire Team.

You will receive a Team Pin millionaires team and several other benefits of Wholesale.

Another advantage of being part of the team is that you are also entitled to the TAB Production Team Bonus based on your skill level. When you upgrade, you will receive a detailed statement explaining more widely monthly requirements to get your bonus TAB production team.

Besides all this, you will develop your teaching skills in training and support around the world and participate in special calls

Another positive side is that millionaires team member receive royalties such as a 4% bonus.


Herbalife pay even more when you arrive at that level. You has a bonus of 2% paid every day 20th by Herbalife. In addition, you have the right to receive royalties.

And reaching this level you get a recognition in Herbalife. By being part in this team, it means that you have developed a strong base of wholesalers, and it demonstrates your willingness to take a leading role in Herbalife.

Your commitment and dedication to upgrade for this category brings exclusively the responsibility of promoting the Herbalife products. Being in this team, you gain a leadership status.

And best of all of it is that when you reach this level you are allowed to participate in advanced training, gain unprecedented and exceptional production bonuses for prizes and incentives.

Because of this, you will receive:

  • A Plate and pin Global Expansion Team.
  • All The benefits of Wholesale

In addition, you also have the right to:

  • Earn a TAB Production Team bonus based on your skill level.
  • Take part in special conferences call.

When you become a member of the world team means you are taking an important step in the pyramid of Herbalife.

By joining the World Team you are one step closer to join the team of the most successful Herbalife dealers (Presidents Millionaires and Global Expansion). You already proved its success to upgrade for this prestigious team.

To have an upgrade: Accumulate 10,000 Total Volume Points in one month.

You receive :

  • A Package containing a personalized certificate of World Team
  • Team Pin World Team

After all, you can have training sessions and special planning focused on accelerating progress towards the TAB team (last three levels), but also have a package containing a personalized certificate of the World team, your Team Pin and other benefits.

A member of the World Team is a Supervisor you already have in your organization, as well as distributors, some supervisors. He receives different training leadership and begin to talk and collaborate in assembling the event of a local system.


All the profit from direct sales to customers will be doubled when you become a supervisor. For example, when you make a direct sale to distributors, you will profit at the time.

Another example is that as soon as one of your Distributors decide to upgrade as a supervisor, Herbalife will recognize that you helped to develop a new supervisor, and with that you get a new way of payment: you shall receive royalties.

How does Herbalife Royalties work?

Royalties are a new way to get payed when you become a Herbalife Supervisor. That’s how it works:

If you are a Herbalife supervisor and other distributors of your network become supervisors, you will receive a percentage on top of that these supervisors sell your network.

The amount of royalties is 5% of the work of other supervisors of your network and you receive royalties until the third level of your network marketing. All supervisors are entitled to the royalties, which are valid for up to three generations of the family.

When you become a Qualified Producer Herbalife, you will have the opportunity to place orders directly from Herbalife and accumulate VP count. When you reach 2,500 Volume Points Personally Purchased for three consecutive months, you become a Qualified Producer.

In this level you are automatically upgraded to this prestigious position on the first day of the month following the month in which you did it..


Win a retail profit 42%

Earn up to 17% wholesale profit (commissions) on purchases made by their downline distributors to 25% or 35%

To become a successful Herbalife builder, you must purchase between 1,000 and 3,999 Volume Points for a month. And if you prefer, you can already start your sales in the Herbalife as Success Builder. For this, you should just get on your 1st order, 1,000 Volume Points (VP). To become a Success Builder Herbalife, you will receive your Pin Team to differentiate it from the previous two levels.

When you become a Herbalife Senior Builder 500 you get a Pin Team Herbalife differentiates it from common Herbalife distributors. There are two ways to become a Senior Builder 500:

  • Acquiring 500 Volume Points (VP) in during one month
  • Acquiring your first order with 500 Volume Points (VP)
When you register at Herbalife, you automatically become an Independent Distributor and you can sponsor other distributors and order products.

At this level, there is no maximum number of distributors you can sponsor. If you want to learn how to become a distributor, click: How to become a Herbalife Distributor.



Being in the World Team means you are one step closer to join the team of the most successful Herbalife dealers (Presidents, Milionaires and Global Expansion).
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