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What is Herbalife?
Herbalife is one of the world’s largest companies in the direct sales area. It adopts the Network Marketing model in order to market their products. Herbalife operates since 1980 in the production and distribution of weight management products, nutrition, and products for personal care with a healthy lifestyle. The company is present in over 70 countries and has a network of approximately 2 million independent distributors worldwide.
Herbalife help me lose weight and keep fit?
Yes. For over 30 years, Herbalife has helped millions of consumers to be able to reach their ideal weight and also get how to keep it. Along with programs for weight control and with controlled calorie consumption, Herbalife makes an adaptable program for each person.
Why weight loss results vary from person to person?
Because each body has a way of working and because of that they respond in different ways. There are people who never made a diet and when they decide to lose weight they can do it very
quickly and easily at first. However, there are others who have make various types of diets and because of that the body is already used with calorie reduction diet and don’t lose weight so quickly. If this is your case, start a physical activity program to speed up calorie burning.Along with programs for weight control and with controlled calorie consumption, Herbalife makes an adaptable program for each person.
Im going to lose weight by eliminating meals?
If you follow the Herbalife Weight Reduction Program, we recommend that you have 3 main meals: 2 with Shake Herbalife and the other with normal food. Moreover, 2 to 3 low calories snacks between them. It is important to know that diets that eliminate only the number of meals are unhealthy and cause a lot of anxiety and open your appetite by giving more desire to eat.
quickly and easily at first. However, there are others who have make various types of diets and because of that the body is already used with calorie reduction diet and don’t lose weight so quickly. If this is your case, start a physical activity program to speed up calorie burning.Along with programs for weight control and with controlled calorie consumption, Herbalife makes an adaptable program for each person.
As people lose weight with Herbalife?
Herbalife created weight reduction programs, which have two types of products: energy and nutritional products. The nutritional products, including Shake with its proteins, vitamins and minerals balanced, will nourish the body with everything a person needs daily. And the energy products increase energy levels causing the person to spend more calories.

By replacing two meals a day for a Shake Herbalife and take fiber-based supplements, you’ll be reducing calories without feeling hungry because these programs provide the nutrients needed to feel satiated.

Following the program in the right way, the results are wonderful, because you spend more calories than you consume. Besides, fat is converted into energy to supply this lack. That means that the person loses weight in a natural way, without feeling hungry.

The use of Herbalife products will make me totally lose your appetite?
No. The products lead to a re-education of eating habits of each person and help create a sense of satisfaction so that you do not feel hungry.
Anyone can use Herbalife?
Any healthy person can use Herbalife products as they are 100% nutritional and safe. Pregnant and lactating women, children, insulin dependent diabetics and people with chronic kidney disease should consult a doctor before consuming any weight loss product.
Have Herbalife products been tested?
Yes. All Herbalife products have been tested in the US and England. Studies have shown that the Herbalife’s products are 100% safe and effective for short and long-term consumption. In addition, each batch of Herbalife products goes through a quality control in order to ensure their integrity prior to shipment.

Herbalife Programs

What are the Herbalife programs?
Herbalife programs are designed to allow weight loss as well as gain or lose muscle mass. It all depends on the program chosen by the person and the way that the products will be used.
The Herbalife program is natural?
Yes, because it is based on nutrition and herbs, and does not contain hormones, drugs or other synthetic agents for weight loss. All the ingredients that are part of the products meet important prerogatives: purity, quality and stability. This is how Herbalife maintains the high level of quality associated with its name.
The Herbalife program change eating habits?
Yes. The program aims to promote good nutritional habits like increased consumption of complex carbohydrates and fiber and reducing the consumption of fats, fried foods, salt and sugar.
The Herbalife program is recommended by doctors?
Yes. Herbalife has a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board testing and making researches of products, and always monitoring these results information made by consumers and distributors. In all parts of the world there are doctors and health professionals using and recommending Herbalife products.
Why should I choose the Herbalife Nutrition Program?
Because the World Health Organization requires four basic requirements for the program created by Herbalife is classified as a balanced diet program. And the company meets these four basic requirements:

1) Provide adequate nutritional status, through a balanced diet;
2) Not be harmful to health, or have contraindications and side effects;
3) Provide a weight reduction with health;
4) Not starve during nutritional supplementation.

Generally, program Herbalife enter our body with two functions:
– Give the body a complete nutrition with all necessary nutrients and botanical factors;
– Ensure that these nutrients are distributed and assimilated by all cells.

With this, it starts a process of regeneration and rejuvenation which gives rise to:

– Increased vitality, more strength;
– Improved appearance of the skin, hair, nails;
– Increased immunity, reducing the risk of serious diseases.

With Herbalife program can gain muscle?
Yes. For the Herbalife program it is not only a diet but also a nutritional supplement, which is natural and balanced for the body and can correct the nutritional needs of each person.

Weight control with the brand’s products is done by balancing calories, so that it can be used to gain, lose or maintain weight, only changing the way food is consumed on the day of the person. When you use the Herbalife Program to gain weight does not mean you will get fat but gain muscle mass.

This also applies to the person using the Herbalife Program to lose weight, you also gain a bit of muscle mass, why is not flaccid. At first, it may reduce people more in their measures than the weight itself, which indicates that you are losing fat and not only your lean mass.

Herbalife Shakes

What happens if Shake is not prepared as stated on the label?
It is important to follow what’s on the label. Herbalife recommends the preparation of Shake with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk. Thus, it meets the requirements to be a partial meal replacement, having adequate amounts of calories, protein, calcium and other macro and micronutrients.
I don’t like milk. There is another way to prepare the Shake?
Yes. There are several options to prepare the Shake. If you do not usually drink milk or take almost anything, or use in the preparation. Who does not and digests milk may feel some discomfort as a result of this (headaches, stomach, flatulence, etc.).

From this perspective, it is better that you prepare your shake with soy milk or fruit, for example, but it’s always good to add fruits and not just the juice, because the pieces of fruits help to increase the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals .

In addition, the yogurts are also an excellent choice as well as being a great source of calcium. However, if you’re following the Weight Reduction Program, by adding fruit and yogurt to your shake, it is important to note the amount of calories of the fruit you’re including to not compromise your diet.

How many calories are in Shake?
That depends on each flavor. Usually ranges 87-91 kcal per serving. And so you should add the calories from the ingredients that are used in its preparation (milk, yogurt, fruit, etc.).
I want to lose weight faster, can replace all meals at Shake?
No. To lose weight, you must replace two of your three main meals for Shake and keep your other meal with normal food.

If you want to accelerate the process of weight loss, follow these tips:

– Make a free meal with “colors” (+ colors on your plate = + nutrients), and do not abuse the calories and fats;
– Make 2 or 3 low-calorie snacks the intervals (can be substituted by additional Shakes);
– Increase your water intake throughout the day;
– Keep at least half an hour of daily physical activity to speed up your metabolism.

Why is it important to consume other nutrition-line products and Herbalife Weight Management with Shake?
Herbalife has created other products, which when consumed along with the Shake, form a set of healthy options that can contribute to better results in a Weight Management Program.

Some products increase the amount of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, such as the use of fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. Moreover, other products provide energy detoxify and promote hydration by increasing the intake of liquid, for example the use of tea.

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