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Increase muscle mass effectively

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If you want to increase muscle mass you need to know that apart from the necessary training and rest, nutrition plays a fundamental role that is often overlooked. Nurturing properly to gain muscle mass really is not that complicated, it only takes a little basic knowledge, discipline and common sense.


To help you a little with this, we have prepared these 10 nutritional tips for building muscle mass that will make it easier to organize a meal plan focused on your goal.


  1. Consume more calories than you burn during the day. If you want to gain weight, increase and define muscle, but don’t ingest enough calories, you will not get it easily. To increase 1/2 kilo of muscle a week you need to consume approximately 2,600 extra calories a week. The amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat will depend on your biotype, sex, weight and level of physical activity. Now, the idea is not that you eat anything, it’s that you eat quality food to make the increase more efficient and clean.


  1. Eat at least 6 small quality meals a day. Eating more often increases the body’s metabolism and reduces the chance that your body stores food as fat. You should distribute calories and macronutrients between 6 or 8 meals a day every 2 hours. It will seem like a difficult task, but you will find that Herbalife’s meal substitutes will make it easier for you, you can have 3 meals a day and 3 meal substitutes shakes, these will help you ensure the adequate intake of the nutrients you need.


  1. Eat protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. It is vital that you include protein in each of your meals, such as lean meat, egg whites, chicken breast, fish or protein shakes. Proteins provide the necessary amino acids to generate hypertrophy and increase muscle mass.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Carbohydrates are also needed, they are protein savers. If you do not consume enough carbohydrate the body begins to use the protein as energy source and this causes that delay the process of increase. Choose natural sources of medium glycemic load, such as oats, sweet potatoes, rice and pasta.


  1. Use supplements. Supplements to increase muscle mass are an effective way to quickly get the nutrients that the body needs. At the very least, we suggest you use milk protein supplements. Depending on your goals and level of preparation, you should also consider creatine and glutamine. Herbalife24 offers you a variety of supplements of excellent quality and flavor that will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.


  1. Avoid simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are also known as sugar found in sweets, soda and honey. The excess sugar causes havoc in the insulin of our metabolism and leads to fatigue and storage of fat, making it difficult to increase muscle mass. If you feel that you need something that gives you that “lift” of energy that the sweets give you, the Guarana tablets or the Herbalife LiftOff are an excellent option that will help you to be alert without consuming simple carbohydrates.


  1. Avoid excess fats and salt. fat and salt are essential within a healthy balanced diet aimed at increasing muscle mass, we should only be careful of excess and sources. Good fats are found in olive oil, avocado, peanut butter and fish. Bad fats are in vegetable oil, animal fats and in cow’s butter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sodium present in salt is an essential mineral to obtain nutrient absorption, and is lost by sweating during intense workouts. Excessive consumption increases the retention of fluids and toxins in the body, it also increases blood pressure, making your overall functioning poor. To prevent excessive consumption of sodium, avoid condiments with high salt content such as ketchup, mustard, soy sauce and preserved foods; Substitute garlic, onion, spices, lemon or vinegar. Read the labels of the products and choose those that are low in sodium and ensure that your daily intake does not exceed 1500 mg.


  1. Fill the fuel tank before training. Eat a small meal that contains carbohydrates and protein 30 to 60 minutes before your training session. Carbohydrates give you the energy you need to train hard on a sustained basis, and proteins will help you preserve your muscles while performing your routines. The Herbalife24’s Formula 1 Sport is a shake that gives you the necessary amount of carbohydrates and protein easily and quickly to ensure a good workout.


  1. Food or shake after training. This is the most important aspect to boost your muscle growth. Immediately after a workout the tired muscles need nutrients. A good dose of protein is much needed (40-50 grams), as well as carbohydrates, which play an important role in producing the increase in insulin that will release the growth hormone. A protein shake like Herbalife’s Rebuild Strength is the best method to provide these nutrients to your body, followed by a good meal within 60 minutes after the training session.


  1. Drink a lot of water. The most important nutrient for the human body is water. The quality of your tissues and muscle fibers, their ability to perform and their resistance to injury depends on the amount of liquids you drink. Drink plenty of water constantly throughout the day and during training.


  1. Avoid snacks in the planning of your diet. Let’s face it, most of the snacks you want will be filled with sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients. If you can’t avoid anxiety, nuts are a good choice. Almonds, peanuts, cashew, pistachio and sunflower seeds are some of the options; rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats. You can consume them as snacks between meals or add them to meals to increase their nutritional value.



Following these recommendations will help you get the results you expect through your training, without forgetting to have adequate mentalization and rest.

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